Dragan Veselinovic, Ph.D.





Experienced professor with an extensive film, TV, advertising and academic background is ready to teach, prepare and encourage the best in the next generation of film and advertising content providers.



·         PhD in film and media theory

·         30 years international experience in documentaries, TV shows, music videos, and advertising as director, producer, writer, copywriter, creative director, and creative supervisor

·         Subject matter expert in filmmaking, scripts development, directing, directing actors, cinematic language, editing, multi cameras work, creative use of lenses, rhythm of single feature pieces, series and non-feature TV programs, genres, developing personal director’s style, film history...

·         Published books - Neuromarketing and How TV Ads Changed the Cinematic Language



Full-Time Professor                                                                                                  2004 — Present

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia with The University of Art, Belgrade    

FDU is the largest art school in the Balkans; educating professionals in film, radio, TV and theater.

Courses: Feature Film Directing, TV Directing, International Marketing (Levels: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Doctoral Art Studies in drama and audio-visual arts, Specialized Studies of Advertising with IAA license. Supervised more than 250 student’s short movies and TV pieces, including more than 100 non-profit TV ads in 20 humanitarian campaigns in 16 years for various causes at FDU.


Visiting Professor                                                                                                     2006

Media Education Center, member of CIFEJ (Centre International du Film pour l’Enfance

et la Jeunesse)                                                                                                             

Course: New grammar of the Film Language


Associate Professor / Lecturer                                                                                1994 — 2004

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia                                                              

Courses: Feature Film directing, TV directing. (Level: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree)

Guest professor                                                                                                         2019 —2020

LAFS – LA Film School in Hollywood.

UCF. – University of Central Florida in Orlando




Freelance Director                                                                                                    1985 — Present

RTS (National TV Network) and other Serbian TV networks

Directed hundreds of broadcasts and TV shows of all genres and types, including one TV feature film, two TV series, a few short films, number of music videos and dozens of documentaries.

Directed more than 200 TV ads for Bates – Saatchi and Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, Ovation – BBDO and number of local advertising agencies in Serbia.


Writer                                                                                                                         1985 — Present

Wrote or co-wrote, most of the scripts I directed.


Assistant Director                                                                                                     1987 — 1995

1st director’s assistant: Goran Markovic (“Deja vu” 1987, “The Meeting Point” 1989, “Tito and me” 1992, “The Tragic Burlesque” 1995), Srdjan Karanovic (“A Film With No Name” 1988)


Creative Director                                                                                                      1995 — 2000

2 campaigns for Ovation – BBDO (Authentic and Heineken), and dozens of campaigns for VIT and BK TV network.


Creative Director and Supervisor                                                                            1998 — 1999

BK TV, part of the largest private corporation in Serbia with more than 30 companies including Mobtel, the largest cell provider at the time.



PhD in Film and Media Studies 2010, Faculty of Dramatic Arts (FDU), Univ. of Art, Belgrade, Serbia

Magisterium (Master's Degree) in Film and Media Studies 2009. FDU

Graduated (Bachelor's Degree) in Film and TV Directing 1987. FDU



1987 – Golden medal for short feature film “Dying Woods” Yugoslavian festival of short films and documentaries. (This film was representing Yugoslavia for the best student film for Academy Awards in Los Angeles).

1994 – Award for best TV ad of Saatchi & Saatchi Balkan Corporation for “Kikinda Windmill.”

1997 – Award for the best professor at FDU for the 1997/98 school year.

1998 – Best TV ad according to a group survey of radio networks for the TV ad "Authentic".

2004 – Children jury award for the short film "Rooster soup" at the festival for children's TV programs in the cities of Nis and Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia.

2011 – Annual prize for best publishing achievement in marketing by UEPS (Serbian Association of Advertisers) for: “Neuromarketing?” Belgrade, Serbia.

2019 – Award for the book which most contributes to innovative education at the 4th annual festival of Humanism, Culture, and Art for: How TV Ads Changed the Cinematic Language. Belgrade, Serbia.

2020 – Story Summit: Founders (David Paul Kirkpatrick – former President of Paramount Pictures and Production Chief of Walt Disney Pictures) award for the screenplay Doe Eyes.




Veselinovic, Dragan. Collection of works of Faculty of Dramatic Arts (6, 8-9, 10, 11-12). Belgrade. Institute for Theatre, Film, Radio and TV, 2003 – 2007, Print (Five articles).

Veselinovic, Dragan. Neuromarketing? Belgrade. New Moment, New Ideas Company, 2011. Print (Book).

Veselinovic, Dragan. How TV Ads Changed the Cinematic Language. Belgrade. New Moment and Faculty of Dramatic Arts 2018. Print (Book).